Yemeni Bodegas Protest President Trump

Michelle Ansari | Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Lucas Jackson

Thursday, Feb. 2, Yemeni bodega owners decided they would close their shops in protest of Donald Trump’s travel ban on muslim-popular countries. Their reason for this strike was to “support our friends, families, and loved ones that are stranded at US airports and overseas.” They closed their shops from noon to 8 pm, and an estimated 1,000 Yemenis participated, according to the Huffington Post. That is amazing.

This was monumental because the protest itself was extremely symbolic and peaceful, with Muslims and people who were there to show support, praying outside political buildings and holding signs. It was even more significant that even these hurting people decided they would keep their shops open until their morning regulars could get their coffee, because they didn’t want to disrupt other people’s lives.

Their strike caused no damage and involved zero arrests. The protesters were not bashing President Trump, but instead brought American flags and went on to announce how much they loved their country. These people deserve the right to their families and the right to protest, and I’m extremely glad they weren’t punished for open prayer.

The protesters are extremely hurt by the fact that they don’t feel welcome in their own homes anymore, regardless of what they do. They feel that President Trump’s travel ban is unconstitutional and wrong. Their final message according to The Atlantic was, “We’re here to make America great again–the right way.”

Header Credit: Spencer Platt

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