“Wonder Woman” Empowers Women

Michelle Ansari | Staff Writer

Women and men alike are flocking to theaters to see Wonder Woman, DC Entertainment’s latest production.

Credit: DC Universe

Played by Gal Gadot, Diana (Wonder Woman), is princess of the Amazon and resides on the island of Themyscira with other women warriors, created by gods. When a plane crashes on her island with pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), Diana decides to save him, not expecting to hear the stories he tells about war not too far away. Diana and Steve go off and help save lives, and attempt to stop the war.

Although the film was very good, there is something more to it than good acting and visuals. Wonder Woman is one of the rare women in films who are portrayed as a hero, and one who is independent and relies on herself. Diana isn’t shown swooning over her male companions or relying on them to save her, instead, she is the one helping others. Little girls can look up to her as a figure of strength and bravery.

Movies like the all-female Ghostbusters also give women the message that these action packed roles aren’t just for men, but women too. Critics and fans are hoping that these films set a trend in Hollywood of female empowering roles, and female inspiring characters.

Overall, the film was great. I’d give it a solid nine out of ten for acting and visuals, and a ten out of ten for costumes.

Header Credit: DC

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