Women Take Over the Golden Globes

Michelle Ansari |Staff Writer

The Golden Globes is one of the few times per year that we get a look into Hollywood and the stars that make up the elite group. It is also a time to recognize the film performances, credit directors, and celebrate fashion. This year there were a couple of major highlights.

One of the most noteworthy during the show was Meryl Streep’s speech given after she won the Cecil B. DeMille award. She chose to use her platform in a way that would send a message instead of just giving a thank-you speech.

It is important for people with a form of impact to voice their political opinions, and in this case, it was pointing out the mocking gestures President-Elect Trump made to a disabled reporter. Regardless of whether Trump actually made the  gestures in a malicious way, it is more of the fact that “violence incites violence”. I think her speech was eloquent and spot on.

Emma Stone (left} and Natalie Portman (right) | Credit: glamour.com

My second favorite moment of the night was when Tracee Ellis Ross became the first woman of color in her category since 1983. She won for the show Black-ish, which, in my opinion,is a show beautifully well done that also doesn’t hesitate to point our social issues. In her speech she dedicated her win to “colorful people”.

We should be proud that she, and many people of color, won awards this season. It shows that we are finally giving enough credit to where it’s due and that Hollywood is finally becoming a more diverse place and one that provides equal opportunities..

My highlights of the night revolved around women voicing their opinion and taking a stance on what they believe in. In addition to this, women like Viola Davis and Emma Stone also won in their categories for best actress, proving women can do anything men can do. We should all take inspiration from this.

Header Credit: glamour.com


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