What’s Trending Cowboys?

Fatima Mendez | Vida Vaquera Editor

Fashion changes over time, people tend to follow what’s trending. We tend to look at celebrities, magazines, or Pinterest for inspiration. So what’s trending at Livermore High School?

Starting with a general census for women’s fashion, many girls have been wearing rompers. Rompers come in many shapes and sizes, literally. There are floral pattern rompers, the cool tones with lace patterns, bright colored, off-the-shoulder, or the loose top rompers.

Many girls enjoy wearing dresses to school as well, but mostly the flowy-type dresses along with wearing heeled boots or the typical Converse or Vans.

Blouses are something you can find very easily in stores and it’s very appropriate to wear. You’ll mostly see many wearing tribal patterned blouses or floral patterned paired with ripped jeans or shorts with either regular brigh

Credit: modern-fashion.com

t colored sandals or gladiators.

For the bottoms, boyfriend jeans, jeans that are a little loose fitting, have come back in trend along with jean skirts. These types of clothing were very popular in the early 1990s and 2000s.

Generally for the guys, you’ll mostly see them rocking a plaid shirt with nude jeans along with a watch. For a simple look, they’ll go for a printed shirt from either Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister along with jeans. For the guys, their style tend to be very simple compared to the girls. Over the years, their style hasn’t changed much.

Cowboy up cowboys. What’s also trending are guys rocking their cowboy boots with jeans and a plaid shirts or even regular shirts with any hat. For the girls, it’s basically the same, but sometimes many will dress it up along with a dress or even a simple shirt with their jeans along with their cowgirl boots. A popular pattern is camouflage.

For comfortable wear, many girls and guys rock sports clothes from brands either from Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour along with some sports shoes or with sneakers.

There’s many different clothing styles and clothing pieces you can wear and still keep it within the dress code. Be stylish and keep it school appropriate.

Header Credit: Fatima Mendez, Mary Rosary Flauta

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