Varsity Boys Basketball take Game to the Top of the Key

Ciara Adams | Staff Writer

Jan. 10, Varsity Boys Basketball took a tough loss by almost half to the Dublin Gaels. The Cowboys managed to score a 35 points, but it wasn’t enough to beat the 63 that Dublin put up on the board.

The Gaels now have a record of 13 wins to 1 loss, bringing the Cowboys to a 4-10 for the season thus far.

Cameron Johnston (Credit: Adam Clark)

Livermore was searching for their second win of the season in order to shift their standings from 1-4. Unfortunately, In the first quarter the score was immediately pushed up to 8-28 with Dublin leading off. Within 12 minutes, The Cowboys managed to score 11 points and shift closer to the Gaels only trailing by nine points. Within minutes and multiple rebounds, Dublin began to climb higher, scoring 16 points and raising the score to 19-44.

Halftime was just the break the teamneeded, because Livermore managed to rise defensively and hold back The Gaels from scoring as frequently. LHS started out the quarter with possession of the ball, but it was quickly turned over. In the midst of the scuffle, Dublin managed to score 13 points, while not protecting the net as eight were scored for LHS. The Cowboys almost doubled their score from the second quarter, bringing up the competition to 27-57.

The final quarter of the game was arguably the round with the most tension. Both teams played an excellent defense, which resulted in only a combined 14 points scored. Scoring eight points, Livermore had a few bank shots but the ball was quickly rebounded into the Gaels possession repeatedly. Dublin only was able to score six points in the fourth quarter due to the ameliorated defense of the Cowboys.

The final score on the court was 35-63. The Dublin High Gaels almost doubled the score put up on the board by the Cowboys. Star player Cameron Johnston (grade 12), number 23 was able to score 18 points, while having 10 rebounds. Johnston led the team with rebounds and points score for the team in this game.

When asked about Athlete of the year, James Petersdorf who is the Athletic Director for LHS and Boys Basketball Head Coach said, “Athlete of the year is a senior award, and Cameron will definitely be a good contender in the conversation when we look at what the class of 2017 brings to the table.”  

The Cowboys will play Cal High in an away game on Jan. 24. Come out and support our Varsity boys in arguably their most competitive match.

Header Image Credit: Adam Clark

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