“Two Worlds” by Aidan Epperly

I wake up and gaze up at bright yellow sun.
I stare out at the seemingly endless rolling hills of green
Endless possibilities at my fingertips
No limits
No regrets
I spend hours living life to the fullest,
Honing my life and purpose to a single razors edge.
I am no longer a person living moment to moment
I am an unstoppable, unbreakable force
The alarm is ringing
Time to check out of this world of pure bliss
And check into another less inviting world.
The sun isn’t as bright
It’s cold
The grass is wet
All mundane normal things
The day is mostly spent alone
Walking through this world dreaming about another
Virtual and Real
Dream and Reality
People are constantly torn between living life the way they need to
And living the life that they want to
Everyone inhabits one world
But not everyone LIVES there

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