Troy Maxson Strikes out

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On Christmas day, Fences was released starring Denzel Washington, playing as Troy Maxson who works as a sanitation worker and Viola Davis, playing as Rose Maxson who is his wife of 19 years. It was directed by Denzel Washington himself. The movie was written by August Wilson, based off his play Pulitzer Prize.

Fences takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1950s and it revolves around a sanitation worker, Troy Maxson, who once dreamed of being a professional baseball player, but was let down by the Negro Baseball League for “being too old.” However, he believes he was not accepted because of the color of his skin.


Later on, Maxson lets his bitterness dominate his character and creates tension in his family, especially with his son, Cory Maxson (Jovan Adepo).

Cory Maxson was looking forward from joining the NFL after high school, but since his father was too traumatized from being let down by the Baseball League, his father forbid him from joining and stopped him from continuing football.

Alongside with Maxson you’ll see his wife, Rose Maxson (Viola Davis) who stands beside him though all his failures.

Later on, you’ll get to meet Troy Maxson’s best friend of many years, Jim Bono (Stephan McKinley Henderson). Then from a previous relationship you meet his oldest son, Lyons Maxson (Russell Hornsby) who often comes to visit and borrow money from his father.

Lastly, you’ll meet his brother, Gabe Maxson (Mykelti Williamson) who fought in WW2 which left him mentally ill.

Denzel Washington was given the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Actor and for Best Director. Viola Davis was given The Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding Performance by a female actress and for best supporting actress. Lastly, the movie was given Writers Guild of America Award for best Adapted Screenplay to August Wilson.

If you’re looking for an emotional and dramatic movie, Fences is the perfect movie to watch. This movie explains the metaphor physically and emotionally. Denzel did no wrong by directing and starring in this movie especially with his co-star, Viola Davis.

I can’t name anything that I disliked about this movie. They chose the right people for each character. I loved the fact that it was dramatic and that I got to see the tension within each character. I really liked the fact that they added a bit of comedy which didn’t make the movie so slow and boring. Lastly, the movie explained the importance of not letting your bitterness and your ego push away your love ones.

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