Livermore High Will Perform Three Musicals Instead of One

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The Fall and Winter plays, along with the Spring musical, are customary for Livermore High School’s theatre department. However, head of the theartre department Carol Hovey has made the decision this year to switch it to three shows with musical numbers, instead of only one.

The Fall show will be A Civil War Christmas, and is not technically labeled as a musical, but does, however, contain some musical numbers. Hovey describes it as a historical show taking place during the 1864 Christmas. The showings of A Civil War Christmas will be on Dec. 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9.

The second musical is Urinetown, which Hovey considers to be a “social justice play,” in which a city has control of everything, so citizens are required to pay the city in order to urinate, resulting in them revolting. This will be showing on Feb. 23 and 24, as well as on March 1, 2, and 3.

Chelsea Warner (Grade 12)
Credit: Chelsea Warner

The third show is not yet announced because there is uncertainty of whether or not it will be allowed, but Hovey has stated that she believes it to be Children of Eden, a musical revolving around Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark, and the people of the world. This musical will take place on May 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, and 19. Hovey states that she has done a similar switch-up in the number of musicals before, so it will not be a drastic requirement on her part.

Chelsea Warner (grade 12), current president of Drama Club, states, “It’s the last year the school is going to be on trimesters, and I believe Hovey will be retiring soon, so she would like to go out with a bang.”

On the other hand, Maggie Fields (grade 12) states that “the musicals have done so well these past years, so it may draw more people to come and earn more money for the department.”

Maggie Fields (Grade 12)
Credit: Theresa Lalor

Carol Hovey herself admits that the change simply fits in with her usual routine of messages. She pointed out that she usually does a well-known and fun show in the Fall, a strikingly out-of-the-ordinary show in the Winter, and a usually amusing Spring musical. The musicals this year are simply a variation of Hovey’s basic messages. Hovey’s mindset, however, behind picking the shows is rather simple. She declares, “Plays have to pop in my head in order to do it, I have to want to do it.”

One final reason Hovey states behind the alteration of the shows this year is, “[The shows are] all very topical to what’s going on in the world today.” Despite Hovey’s simple reasoning behind this change, it was well agreed overall that this change will have a positive impact on the LHS student body. It is said to increase the amount of viewers per show, which may spark interest and bring more people into the next auditions.

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