Threats Cause LHS to Initiate Shelter In Place

Kajol Maheshwari | Sports Editor


During fourth period on March 17, Livermore High School entered a shelter in place procedure due to local threats to the school.

On the morning of March 17, Granada received an anonymous threat to its campus. This caused them to begin a shelter in place, which means all students must remain indoors in their current locations. This shelter in place lasted three hours. During this time, the police force investigated the origins of the threat and inspected the area surrounding Granada. After the police concluded that the area was safe and the threats were found to be untrue, the shelter in place was lifted.
Then, Livermore High School received a similar threat from an anonymous source. LHS then entered a shelter in place drill for about 30 minutes. Police officers arrive on campus and a helicopter scouted out the area to ensure the safety of the students. The threats were found to be false, but the source of these threats is still unknown.

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