The UK Redefines Fast Food

Thuyvi Pham | Penne Pasta Connoisseur


Bake a pizza in 90 seconds? That may sound impossible, but with the Roccbox, that ‘impossibility’ has become a reality.


The Roccbox, a portable stone bake oven with a light and compact build of approximately 44 pounds, was created by Tom Gozney and launched March 16 this year. Its complete package includes the Roccbox oven, gas burner attachment, wood burner attachment, pizza peel, a two-in-one manual and recipe book, and carry-on strap.

Although widely marketed for its ability to bake a pizza in 90 seconds, the oven can bake a variety of flat breads, cook fish, meats and vegetables, and make desserts. The Roccbox can fit at most a 12 inch pizza.

The body of the oven and its individual parts are comprised of multiple weatherproof stainless steel layers to ensure durability, longevity, and ease in cleaning. The lightness and compactness was designed to make the oven readily adaptable for on-the-go or at home use. The Roccbox’s body has a protective silicone skin and other features include an easy to read temperature display, heat control dial, detachable burners, foldable legs, and an internal insulation system. The full insulation guarantees heat retention.

Within 15 minutes of start-up, the Roccbox can reach up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than standard conventional ovens. The Roccbox self-cleans due to its high temperature range, which burns away remaining food residue. The shape of the oven and steel base plate creates an even distribution of heat throughout the cooking process.


Users have the option to power the Roccbox via the gas burner or the wood burner. The cooking methods will yield different results, but are equal in performance quality and will produce consistent results.

The Roccbox comes in two colors, Stone Grey and Grass Green, and is sold exclusively on, with a starting price of $429. However, as their month-long campaign progresses, the price will increase, but will remain less than the intended price after their campaign ends.  

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