The Livermore High and East Avenue Jazz Bands Filled the Night With Swing Music and Funk

Maya Brunell | Staff Writer

At 7:00 pm on Feb. 1, 2017, the Livermore High School jazz band and the East Avenue Middle School jazz band combined for a concert. The LHS jazz band contains 23 members, while East Ave.

Credit: Bob Bronzan

has 18. This concert was one of three concerts where the LHS band and orchestra will be combining with bands and orchestras of other schools.

The night began with the East Ave. band playing first with three songs. Six soloists were showcased in these first three pieces, each looking nervous, but excited to be there. While they played, the middle schoolers looked like they were having a good time playing for the audience, some nodding their heads to the beat.

After East Ave., the LHS jazz band played three songs as well. They have played, and will play, at numerous jazz festivals across California. They also featured several soloists, and played with a mature style that comes from practice and skill.

Then, to end the night, the two jazz bands came together for their last two songs. The first piece featured 11 soloists, all from different sections of the band. Some of them were from earlier in the concert and some were new. The two bands blended as one, making a smooth sound and easy deliverance. I personally enjoyed the concert, and just from seeing these students play, I can hear their love of jazz.   

Header Credit: Bob Bronzan

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