Greek Week Teams Run into Obstacles at the Second Event

Raina Jiang | Managing Editor

Cassidy Herberth | Staff Writer

Tuesday’s event on the football field consisted of two separate rounds. In round one, the freshmen faced the juniors and the seniors faced the sophomores in an unpredictable relay challenge. Each team consisted of six competitors who took turns running the course and putting on an article of clothing to run back and tag the next runner in.

The juniors and freshmen were tied in a nail-biting match until the anchor leg, where the juniors pulled through for a victory. “I feel good. The team worked hard. We were all ambitious and determined to win and through all our hard work we got the win. There’s kids on my team who are natural athletes. They’re phenomenal.” Said Max Ibanez, a member of the junior team. Following this match, the seniors took a strong lead in their match against the sophomores and defeated them by a large margin.

Round two of the obstacle course event had the sophomores competing against the freshmen and the seniors going up against the juniors. The sophomores unfortunately got off to a rocky start but the freshmen were able to take a strong early lead, which they maintained to the end of the match. The freshmen’s victory put them in third place for this event and the sophomores in fourth place.

Last but definitely not least, the seniors were able to claim a first place finish over the juniors after maintaining a lead for the entire match. “It felt really good. It was really fun. (when asked if the seniors will win). I have confidence. We have a really good, strong team,” Said Alexis Pournaras, a competitor on the senior team.

The senior class hopes to continue their winning streak after winning Greek Week their sophomore and junior years. When asked how he felt about the senior class’ Greek Week streak, contestant Adam Lam said “Hopefully we can make that a three time legacy.”

The placement of the four teams for the event are as follow:

  1. Seniors
  2. Juniors
  3. Sophomores
  4. Freshmen

As of the time of publication, the total scores for the four teams are as follow:

  1. Juniors: 17 points
  2. Seniors: 15 points
  3. Sophomores: -7 points
  4. Freshmen: -25 points

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