Teacher Spotlight: Susan Edgar-Lee

Mary Rosary Flauta | Arts and Entertainment Editor


Livermore High students nominated Susan Edgar-Lee, a biology teacher, as an outstanding teacher to be recognized for teacher spotlight. Edgar-Lee has been interested in biology since she was in fifth grade; however, she did not choose to become a biology teacher until much later in her life.

She used the GI Bill and attended UC Davis, earning her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

After graduating from Davis in 1989, she got her teacher’s credential through Cal State East Bay, but worked for it through Lawrence Livermore Laboratory for a year. Later, she got a master’s degree in science curriculum at Cal State East Bay.

For the last five to ten years, field work has been Edger-Lee’s favorite thing. When she first began teaching, going out and doing field work was not a prominent activity in her class. However, through job training she was able to attain experience in field work. Because of the job training, she was able to learn many things about marine biology, marshes, cypress groves, etc.

With that in mind, it would only be natural to think that Edgar-Lee’s favorite pastimes would include going out and doing field work. However, Edgar-Lee says that she “has a little bit of an obsession with language.” She has found book clubs to go and share what books she has read with other adults.

She has also returned to learning German, which she started in high school. Additionally, in the air force, she was put in a school for languages and learned some Russian. “I have a goal: fluency,” exclaimed Edgar-Lee.

“No day is ever the same and no class is ever the same, so there is constant variety,” was Edgar-lee’s input when asked if she enjoyed teaching at Livermore High School.

Edgar-Lee has found that she loves LHS students. Her favorite part about LHS, however, is the AP Biology class.
“Along with the students, it has been a fantastic journey of going to workplaces, learning about all the natural systems in California, and [learning about] fantastic places and species that we have that can’t be found in other places in the world,” says Edgar-Lee.

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