Spring Showcase Hopes to Show More of Livermore High School’s Talent

Mary Rosary Flauta | Arts and Entertainment Editor

On March 1, 2017 a herd of students was crammed into the theater conference room in hopes of signing up for the Spring Showcase. Papers were passed out to all of the individuals to write down their acts. When papers were turned in and stacked into a pile, it was obvious to see that the spring counterpart of the winter showcase was booming.

Signing up for showcase wasn’t always like this. First, you would go in on audition day, fill out the form, and then “perform” a little bit of your act. Then, you would have about a month to practice your act before check-in day where you’ll either make it or break it. Then, you would attend dress rehearsal the following week. Finally, comes showcase day.

Emily Jones (grade 11), a Drama Club officer, explains that before it “would be a very loose audition, and [Drama Club officers] didn’t cut anyone and you weren’t even required to have an act

Credit: Mary Rosary Flauta | A look at a part of the sign-up form.

prepared…but we felt like the use of the word audition would deter some people from coming, because that would make them think that they already had to have their [act] prepared, so we decided to get rid of the preliminary audition altogether and replace it with just sign-ups.”

In addition to the slight change in signing up for an act, there was also a name change. From Drama Club Showcase to LHS Talent Showcase, this makes it clearer that the event is open to all students. Piper Cooke (grade 11) said that she’s “not in Drama Club, so Drama [Club] Showcase is a little exclusive. But LHS [Talent Showcase] is more inclusive,” thus showing that their name change was a positive one.

Drama Club president, Kiersten Hottendorf (grade 12), adds that the preceding Drama Club Showcase “was still open to the whole school, but the whole school…didn’t notice.”

These changes were voted on as a club in hopes of boosting Drama Club attendance and for “more students to get out of their comfort zone,” said Mateo Lungu (grade 11). He continued on to say that Showcase is about “having fun on stage.”

At Showcases, it would usually be Drama Club members who join and perform, as was the case for the Winter Drama Club Showcase. Lungu said, “We got about 30 acts right now, which in our last showcase…was 11.” Jones, for one, hopes for “a lot of new talent to come in.”

The LHS Talent Showcase usually fundraises and donates the money to charity. The event is free admission. Drama Club invites you to come see the LHS Talent Showcase in the Livermore High School theater on April 21, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.

Header Credit: Mary Rosary Flauta

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