Show Choir Performs at Livermore Staff Retirement Celebration

Fatima Mendez | Vida Vaquera Editor

May 17, 2017, Livermore High School Show Choir performed for the Livermore Staff Retirement Celebration along with Granada’s Jazz Band.

Alysha Raj (grade 12), Katie Mathers (grade 11), Kate Daily (grade 11) | Credit all: Fatima Mendez

The retirement celebration was a dinner held for all the Livermore District staff who are retiring this year. Christopher Filice,the LHS choir teacher, was presented an offer to perform for the staff  He and the show choir were ready. “We practice the songs everyday, so that an offer like this comes up we’re ready to go.” Filice said.

They started off with singing Wanting Memories by Ysaye M. Barnwell. Their second song was Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer. The lead soloist was Mallory Jones (grade 12). She had a partner to sing the piece, Jennifer Edwards (grade 11), but was unable to attend the event. Jones sang her part beautifully having her fellow classmates sing beside her and the audience was very impressed.

The last song was Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine, the soloist was Mikayla Koning (grade 11). Koning stunned the audience by her voice, it’s like the song was made for her.

“The show went great especially with Dogs Days are Over, because we only had like a week to practice that song,” said Alysha Raj (grade 12) and Katie Mathers (grade 11).

But how do the soloist practice their song? Katie Daily (grade 11) said “the soloist practices on their own time. It’s their responsibility.”

The choir enjoyed the event overall, because they were able to see their past teachers. “It was funny to see a few of my teachers because they told me ‘Oh, you’re in choir. They get very surprised,” Mathers said.

Each school is represented in a different way, the Granada Jazz band played, Livermore’s floral cultural class made every floral piece for the special event. Del Valle had their colonel academy.

Roxana Mohammed (Vice Principal) was organizing the event this year and it’s her second time doing it. She wanted Livermore High School to have a bit of a spotlight and asked Mr. Filice to this event last year and the offer presented itself again.

“The kids love it because they get to see their old teachers, old office staff, principals, custodians, get to see a whole group of people they grew up with,” Mohammed said. She also mentioned how proud she saw the performance because that is evidence of what students are capable of doing. Overall the show was good. “There can always be improvements such improving the menu, see what didn’t work, what worked” Mohammed added.

Header Credit: Fatima Mendez

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