School District Disables Invasive Privacy Policy

img_9825img_9826Garrett Almeida | Co Editor-in-Chief

When signing into an email on an Android device, the user is prompted to download the Google Device Policy app. This app forces the user agree to Terms and Conditions, which allows administrators to change the device’s password and even erase all the data on the device.


When this issue was brought to Geoff Warner, Chief Technology Officer for the school district, Warner stated that the img_9827district is working to disable the policy.

“I have sent this to Ravi Prabhala to work with Google to see if we can disable this policy that takes affect when adding your email address to an Android phone. We are hoping they can provide a way for us to just disable it so that it will not be an issue or requirement to add the device to the Google domain,” Warner said.

This issue is being resolved, so students do not need to worry about their privacy being compromised.
Photo credits: Garrett Almeida

Header image: Pixabay

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