School District Considers Getting Rid of the Trimester System

Garrett Almeida | Co Editor-in-Chief

The Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District will reevaluate the trimester system later this year, per Assistant Superintendent Chris Van Schaack. A committee of high school teachers and administrators will be brought together “to look at [the] schedule and talk about what is working and what needs adjusting,” according to Van Schaack.

“The group hasn’t even begun meeting yet this year, so it’s way too early to say whether or not there will be a recommendation for a change [of the schedule],” said Van Schaack. “There is nothing specific that has prompted this, other than the fact that it has been a few years since we’ve taken a look,” he added.

This contradicts the speculation on campus that the trimester was being reevaluated because Granada’s International Baccalaureate program needed more hours in the classroom then the trimester could allow. IB classes are an alternate to AP classes and also allow students to earn college credit in high school.

Many teachers have criticized the trimester system, and it is also not very popular on campus.English teacher Barry Parr said, “I look forward to the day the trimester is repealed.”

No matter what the district decides to do, Van Shaack says it will be at least a year before any changes are put into place.

Header Credit: Sara Jackson

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