“Play-in-a-Day” Takes the Stage Once Again

Megan Carpenter | Guest Writer

Every year, Livermore High School’s Drama Club produces “Play-in-a-Day,” a collection of student-created one-act skits. Students have 24 hours to write, direct, and rehearse before performing in front of an attentive audience that night. This year’s “Play-in-a-Day” was no exception. Saturday, January 28, LHS’s Drama Club performed three skits to a small audience. Thirteen student performers came together to show off their self-titled skits.

Credit All: Megan Carpenter | Mateo Lungu and Jared Persson

The show opened up with Beren Rogers’ (grade 12) skit, “The Box”. Starring Celeste Tomaschke (grade 12), Riley Wilson (grade 12), Brittney Bistline (grade 10), and Rogers himself, “The Box” circled around the story of Tomaschke, who was given a box by Rogers and told not to open it. Tomaschke confides in her friend Wilson and they both wonder what the box could contain. In the end, all three girls decide to open the box, and the audience watched as the girls made a piercing scream and the stage blacked out. When the lights came back on, the audience was stunned to see the actors lying on the stage and dead, and Rogers rushing on stage to say, “Oh, not again!”

Second was Emily Jones’ (grade 11) comical relief, “Gotta Give it to Him”. Mateo Lungu (grade 11) takes his girl, Chelsea Warner (grade 11), on a date to Chick-fil-A to make a proposal. Of course, he is exceedingly nervous and asks his confidant, Jared Persson (grade 11), for help. Persson eavesdrops during the date and coaches Lungu through Lungu’s bugged tie. This date goes all wrong when Warner refuses to order the bag of chicken with the ring hidden inside, and is then forced to watch a movie with Lungu she does not want to watch. After the movie, Lungu takes Warner to a romantic lookout, where the audience expects him to take out a ring from his pocket and propose, but, in a hilarious ending, spy friends Persson and Katina Nikols (grade 11) and the audience watch as Lungu pulls a quarter out of his pocket.


Katelyn Messamer and Kiersten Hottendorf

The event ended with a heartbreaker, “Excessively Unnecessary”, written by Kiersten Hottendorf (grade 12). College students Katelyn Messamer (grade 12) and CJ Sylvester (grade 12) go on a date when Sylvester proposes to Messamer. Messamer, unsure, tells her boyfriend she’ll sleep on it, leaving the date in an awkward ending. She then confides in her roommate Hottendorf, who hopes that the two reconcile. The following day, Hottendorf overhears Maddy Conner (grade 11) on the phone with her brother, Sylvester. Conner and Hottendorf devise a “perfect” date that, Conner knows, will steer Sylvester clear away from Messamer. Messamer takes her vegan boyfriend to In-N-Out, then follows up with his two least favorite activities, bike riding and clubbing. The night ends when police come to break up the partiers in the club and put Messamer and Sylvester for a night in jail after they mistake Sylvester, in the middle of a panic attack, for being drunk. The morning after, Sylvester decides that the marriage  is not the right choice.

All thirteen students pulled off a seemingly perfect performance, without the help of backstage crew members and with only donation requests from the audience. Congratulations LHS Drama Club for putting together yet another year of this great theatre tradition!

Header Credit: Megan Carpenter

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