Only Weeks into Trump Administration, Muslim Immigrants Banned and Transgender Students Lose Bathroom Rights

Maya Brunell | Staff Writer

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It has been officially 44 days into the Trump administration and already there is outrage at what President Donald Trump has done. This was a fear the people had when Trump was elected, and even during his campaign, that he would do what he has done already.

The recent immigration ban was a motion from Trump that affected many families. The fact that Trump literally shut down all immigration from Muslim countries was, personally, shocking. The coverage of the distressed families waiting for their family members at the airports was something I thought wouldn’t ever have to happen. I didn’t think that Trump would go this far.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the people who immigrate from Muslim countries to America aren’t always terrorists. They can just be a family, taking their kids away from the violence and trying to make a life for themselves. I can understand the need to keep out terrorists, but shutting the door on everyone coming from those countries will only rub the wound to the Muslim community in America the wrong way.     

Another issue dealing with immigration was the wall on the Mexican-American border that Trump promised to build. It is currently underway, causing a rift between the Mexican government and the American government. The issue of who will pay for the wall is the biggest problem, in that the Mexican government has made it very clear they will not pay for it. I am aware that other countries in the world have walls on their borders, but America isn’t other countries. Again, letting no one in is just going to enrage the American people more.

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A more recent issue that Trump has brought up was the right of transgender students in public schools to use the bathroom with which gender they identify. This law was passed during Barack Obama’s administration, and was revoked by Trump.

As I can tell, from the conservative side of the argument, letting people use bathrooms according to the gender they identify with, would be that same as letting sexual predators into these bathrooms.

I personally view this situation differently. I believe that everyone should have the right to be able to use the bathroom they feel comfortable using. I cannot see the good that could come out of making a transgender woman use the men’s bathroom because she was born a male.

Both of these issues with immigration and transgender rights has caused protests across America. The people want immigrants to be able to come to the land of immigrants, and they want everyone to be comfortable in the bathroom they choose to use. Trump unfortunately sees it differently, which I think won’t last long against the millions of people who need change in America.

I think that Trump is delivering the wrong type of change. He is decreasing liberties that America wants increased.

So what now, Mr. President?    

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