Off-The-Wall Smartphone Apps That Actually Exist

Thuyvi Pham | Opinions Editor


From the most useful to the dumbest to the most questionable applications available for smartphones, here are some of the weirdest apps:

Demotivational Pics

Do you ever have bad days and think to yourself, “what could possibly make my day worse?” Well, Demotivational Pics, a free app available on iPhones and Androids, does just that. So the next time you’re having a bad day, and for some strange reason you want to make everything worse, go on Demotivational Pics to look at their memes and captioned pictures which have the sole intention of further ruining your mood.


It’s no surprise for girls to use period-tracking methods to regulate their menstrual cycles, but guys can too––just not necessarily for themselves. iAmAMan allows you to log and track girls’ “time of the month,” letting you track multiple girls’ cycles at once. The app’s purpose is to help the user be aware of a girl’s potential mood swings and other behavioral effects Mother Nature’s monthly gift can cause.


Gym Shamer

If you have ever had trouble keeping the stereotypical New Year’s Resolution of going to the gym or working out more often, Gym Shamer is the app for you because what better way to keep yourself motivated to go to the gym than public humiliation! With its slogan “get in shape or get shamed,” Gym Shamer is a free app that promises to embarrass you if you fail to meet your fitness goals for the week via Twitter and Facebook. Gym Shamer tracks your gym attendance through FourSquare, so set a realistic goal because once you set it, it’s there forever.

cat & mousesara
Credit: Sara Jackson

Game for Cats

Who says apps should just be for humans? Game for Cats claims to be an interspecies app made just for the entertainment of your cats (and yourself if you really want to). Current cat-loving users vouch that the app actually works and their beloved cats are able to chase after a laser pointer and mice to their hearts’ content. But don’t worry, the app is free to download for Apple and Android users so your cat can enjoy itself at no cost.

Credit: Sara Jackson


Places I’ve Pooped

Just like how dogs urinate on trees to mark their territory, you can do the same with Places I’ve Pooped. The app is free and does exactly as what its name sounds like. Places I’ve Pooped allows you to pin all the places you’ve pooped at. Think of it like a travel marker, but for pooping. The app may sound gross, but if you’re really curious about all the places you’ve gone to the bathroom, Places I’ve Pooped is calling your name.

Credit: Sara Jackson

Send Me To Heaven (S.M.T.H.)

Although now banned on iOs, Send Me to Heaven is the app with one simple purpose: throw your phone up as high as you can. The 50-year-old creator of Send Me To Heaven, Petr Svarovsky, revealed that, “the original idea was to have very expensive gadgets, which people in certain societies buy just to show off, and to get them to throw it.” The app continues to gain popularity despite claims that it is the alleged cause for hundreds of teens’ cracked and chipped phones.

Header Credit: Kylie Miller

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