New Sensory Table Helps Special Ed Kids with Sensory Impairment

Maya Brunell | Opinions Editor

The Special Education Department has a new sensory table, made by the wood shop class, for students with sensory impairment. The wood shop class created the table from an idea by Debra Day, a Special Ed teacher here at Livermore High School.

The table itself is made of wood, with a lid and wheels so it can be moved around. Inside, there is a removable plastic tub. Day said that they can put almost anything into the tub for her students to feel and touch.

The table’s purpose is for the students who may be blind or have any sort of sensory disability to be able to use their sense of touch to enrich and soothe themselves. Day said, running her hands through a tub of dried beans, “it comforts and relieves the kids’ anxiety to experience different things. It comforts them.”

The table can also be used for smell. Day mentioned that they put scented rice in the table for the kids once.

Day pointed out a student in a wheelchair and said, “the sensory table is [also] perfect for the kids in wheelchairs. This student is blind, but the table is the right height to allow us to put her feet into the tub filled with water, or sand, or whatever it may be.”

This is the first sensory table that the Special Ed Department has had. Day commented on the contribution, saying, “I am just so grateful that the wood shop class has supported us so much.”   

All photo credits: Maya Brunell

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