New Ceramics Teacher Comes to Livermore High School

Robert Flauta | Staff Writer

One of our newest additions to our roster of teachers is Robert Carpenter, the new ceramics teacher, who is enjoying our Cowboy pride. He is originally from the Bay Area. Carpenter attended high school in Walnut Creek, then went to the Academy of Arts Institute and got a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. His last teaching Job was at San Dimas High school, where he taught ceramics for only one year. Carpenter was encouraged to come to Livermore High School by his physical education coach, who was also his teaching credential professor. Finally, after teaching at different schools, a job opened up here at LHS, and he took it in a heartbeat.

Credit: Robert Flauta

So far in his brief time at LHS, Carpenter is loving it. Carpenter stated that his students and the teachers remind him of his own high school experience. He said that his students are talented and eager to improve their own skills and are not easily discouraged by failure.

“And I’m looking at my students and I’m like, this is going to be great,” said Carpenter. “ Most of my students have talent …actually, all of my students are willing to experiment, and even if their experiment fails, they are not disheartened. They get back on the horse again.”

Aljohn Lim, a Ceramics 2 student, said he enjoys having Carpenter as his new ceramics teacher. “ Carpenter is a good teacher and a great guy. He’s easy to relate to and has a common interest in video games and TV shows with his students. And most importantly he is well versed in modern technology.” Lim also states that the work environment is great and is very glad to have Carpenter as his ceramics teacher.

Credit: Robert Flauta

According to Carpenter, Ceramics 1 will be about quantity versus quality, Ceramics 2 will be about quality over quantity, and Ceramics 3 is about the dynamics of the studio–how the kiln (a furnace or oven for firing pottery or ceramics) works, the certain sciences like physics, temperature of the clay, and more will be covered. Carpenter also states that he will not be teaching an AP Ceramics class due to the fact that the AP test is too arduous to finish. He also states that the AP course is limiting the amount of electives that you can take in college. Carpenter generally assesses his students by the construction and conceptual design of the piece.

Art teacher Marion Borst summed up Carpenter by saying, “Mr. Carpenter is a wonderful addition to our staff, and it is nice to have someone well trained in ceramics assisting the students at LHS.”

Header Credit: Robert Flauta

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