Minico High School and LHS choirs come together to sing

Maya Brunell | Opinions Editor

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On March 22, at 3:15 pm, the choirs from Minico High School in Rupert, Idaho visited the Livermore High School choirs. It was an exchange where the singers from different states could mingle and sing for one another.

Credit: Maya Brunell

This exchange marked the tour Minico High goes on every year, and this time they decided to come to California. Kate Wilson (grade 9), from Minico High, said the LHS students “were really nice” and it was “fun to see a different high school.”

Sadie Smith (grade 12), from LHS, said she enjoyed “the different kind of music” that Minico sang compared to what LHS sang, and thought it was “interesting.” Smith was also impressed with the size of the choir, being that the Minico students outnumbered the LHS students at the exchange.

As one whole group, the LHS and Minico students warmed-up together before singing their selections. One could see them all getting along and enjoying singing with one another.

Christopher Filice, the LHS choir teacher, said that this “was the first time we have done an exchange like this, but I hope to make it a thing

Credit: Maya Brunell

that happens more often because it was fun to meet new people and hear some music from a different high school choir.”
The LHS choirs sang seven songs after the five songs from Minico, as well as one song where all the students from Minico and LHS sang together. During their combined song, one could hear their voices blended together as if the students weren’t from different schools or even states. They all sounded like one choir, the song itself bringing together the separate, yet singular, students.   

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