Meet LHS’ GEAR Club and Fighting Game Club

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Have you ever wanted to meet other gamers, people who you could connect with and just be yourself? There’s two clubs where you can do those exact things.

Livermore High School’s GEAR Club and Fighting Game Club (FGC), are two different, yet similar gaming clubs. Although they are different clubs, they both meet every Tuesday in room S-5. Jose Luis Rodriguez is the advisor for both these clubs.   

GEAR Club meets in the back of the room and FGC meets at the front, with about 20 to 30 members in the room in total. Both clubs meet during the same time because, “the two clubs are similar in nature and Rodriguez started getting busy on Mondays at lunch” said Ryan Blackmore (grade 11).

“GEAR Club is centralized on handheld devices. They organize what game they’re going to play and either team together or play against one another,” said Rodriquez. It unofficially began last year, but became an official club this year “into a functioning club.”

The GEAR Club typically uses Nintendo 3Ds according to Blackmore, the GEAR Club President. “[My friends and I] came up with the concept for a club where people can meet


up and make friends and find people to play and talk about their favorite games” said Blackmore.

The FGC solely plays fighting games, like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. FGC plays their games on the projector in front of the class. “Everyone brings in their own console or games and devices,” said Rodriquez.

If you’re ever in the mood to make a few new friends while playing games you normally play at home, always feel welcomed to go to Rodriguez’s room to do just that.


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