Make Time for Music at the Livermore Valley Education Foundation Concert

Alyssa Fuller | Staff Writer

On April 25th, the Livermore High School choirs, orchestras, and bands teamed up with Christensen Middle School and East Avenue Middle School to put on a successful show.

Credit All: Mary Rosary Flauta

Make Time for Music is a fundraiser that the performing arts program puts on every year to raise money . It also goes towards the Livermore-Granada Boosters.

Christopher Filice, the LHS choir teacher, put together a great performance for the audience with the LHS choirs. The night started off with East Avenue Advanced Band playing the iconic theme from Pink Panther. East Avenue bands and orchestras were conducted by Kathy Boster, the East Avenue music teacher. Then, the Christensen Advanced Band had their turn in the concert. They were conducted by Mike Divita, the Christensen music teacher.

The night continued on with the Christensen and East Avenue Advanced Orchestras, conducted by Divita and Boster, each taking a song.

Christopher Filice, the LHS choir teacher, put together a great performance for the audience with the LHS choirs. The Livermore High and East Avenue schools performed one song together during the concert. Filice and Kathy Boster also worked on and conducted the song, “Wanting Memories” by Ysaye Barnwell, together.Many of the performers say the night went very smoothly, and a lot of families attended. The high school students will even go as far to say that the middle schoolers did better than expected. “It left many of LHS students inspired and more open-minded to the abilities of their younger peers” Says Justin Beasley (Grade 12)

There was one small bump toward the end when Kathy Boster was leading alongside Filice. She was going a bit faster than some students expected, causing minor confusion, though it was later fixed by some simple adjustments. The rest of the show went on without a hitch.

The LHS Jazz Band, put together by Justin Enright, the LHS band and orchestra teacher, lit up the night with their beautifully executed pieces. Followed by the LHS Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Band, and Combined Band, all conducted by Justin Enright, the night was a wonderful one full of music and hard work.

Justin Beasley (grade 12) said, “The show was so amazing and inspiring, I can’t wait to do it again.”

The performing arts may not be as substantial a program as others, but they are definitely a part of something bigger.

Header Credit: Mary Rosary Flauta


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