Livermore Wins Big and Takes First Loss of the Season

Kian Gibson | Sports Section Editor



On Friday, September 8, 2017 the Livermore High School Cowboys faced off against the California High School Grizzlies. The game was a close one at halftime but began to run away around the second half with the final score of the game 24-7 Cal. This was the first loss of the season for the Cowboys with a record of 2-1. The Cowboys will have a bye week followed by a game at home against Monte Vista High School (9/22/17).

Cred: Adam J Clark

In the first quarter with 8:50 left, a Cal running back broke through the line and rushed for a long 50-yard touchdown, and the score was 7-0 Cal. With not much time left in the first quarter, Livermore came up with a big sack on third down, forcing the Grizzlies to kick a 17-yard field goal. The score sat at 10-0 Cal at the end of the first quarter.


LHS decided to go with some trickery to open up the second quarter with a throw from the running back Mekhi McElroy (#4) that put Livermore down inside the 20-yard line. This was then punched in by McElroy for the first touchdown for LHS. With not much time left in the first half and Cal trying to move the ball downfield, the Cowboys came up with a huge sack that killed the drive and ended the half, leaving the Grizzlies with a 10-7 lead.


Livermore’s defense stayed strong, keeping the Grizzlies out of the endzone for the majority of the third quarter, but with about a minute left, Cal tossed a one-yard touchdown pass, increasing their lead to 17-7. Livermore’s defense was fiercely attacking the quarterback and kept Cal, for the most part, at bay. With five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies’ defense came up with an interception, followed by a 20-yard passing touchdown, notching up the score to 24-7 Cal, final score.


Although Livermore did not win, there is still a bright future for the team. Coach Terry Butler said, “We are a better football team than people would like to admit.”

Cred: Adam J Clark

The previous week, on Friday, September 1, 2017, the Cowboys took on Washington High School, but it was really no contest. Livermore’s varsity team blew the opposing team out of the water with a score of 48-6, making the Cowboys’ record a fantastic 2-0. The first score came quick for LHS, with a rushing touchdown by Mekhi McElroy, followed by a missed two-point conversion, making the score 6-0. Not much later, Bradley Archer (#87) caught a touchdown pass by quarterback John Hodgers (#1), followed by another failed two-point conversion.


In the middle of the first quarter, Washington’s running back broke off a long touchdown run, but their extra point was blocked by Livermore, making the score 12-6. With time running down in the first, LHS running back McElroy made a phenomenal spin move to make a defender miss, and then took off for a huge 60-yard touchdown run. McElroy was absolutely obliterating this team almost single-handedly with two more touchdown runs and a big sack on the third down. McElroy finished this game with an unbelievable 205-yard rushed and four touchdowns, averaging an amazing 14.6 yards per carry.


His performance has not gone unnoticed. Coach Butler said, “Mekhi is very dynamic, he allows us to do multiple things on offense as well as on the defensive side of the ball.”


At the end of the first half of this game, it was 34-6 Cowboys. By this time the coaches had pulled most of the starters and were letting the other players on the team get some valuable playing time. Running back Issac Sanchez (#24) rushed the ball in for a 23-yard touchdown run, making the score 41-6. With 2:36 left in the third quarter, running back/linebacker Bobby Pierce (#2) scored the final touchdown for the Cowboys. Final score: Cowboys 48-6. 

Cred: Adam J Clark


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