Livermore High School Presents: In the Heights

Michelle Ansari | Staff Writer

Starting May 12th, Livermore High will put on its spring musical, In the Heights. Written and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the wildly famous musical, Hamilton. This story is set in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights, New York. It follows the days of characters Usnavi, Kevin, Vanessa, Nina, and Benny, among others. The characters have dreams, like opening a bar and finishing college at Stanford, but things never run as smoothly as planned.

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Accompanied by the sounds of salsa, hip-hop, and soul,  In the Heights is one that will surely capture your attention. The production was even nominated for a Tony Award in 2008 for Best Original Score.

During his sophomore year of college, Miranda began drafting what would become In the Heights. After a few days of the musical running in his local student theater, Miranda was offered to have it produced on Broadway. It successfully ran in New York from 2008-2011, eventually making its way around the world. While a ticket to see the play would normally cost you hundreds of dollars, a ticket to see Livermore High’s adaption will only cost you ten dollars.

Johanna Zukowski (grade 12), is portraying the character of Yolanda, with a reputation for being a flirt. When asked how Johanna felt about this role and the play in general, she said, “I feel excited, and I think the production is going really well. It’s going to be an exciting show.”

In addition to having the regular production of In the Heights, there will be immigration stories from people in the LHS community. In these times, it is important to recognize where our cities people come from.

This production is expected to be both entertaining and enlightening. Come support the LHS drama and arts program and see In the Heights.

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5/9/2017: This the updated version with the correct date for the first showing of the musical.

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