Livermore Alumni Association Holds Annual Crab Feed

Michelle Ansari | Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 18, the Livermore Alumni Association held their 5th annual crab feed at the Robert Livermore Community Center. According to the Livermore High Alumni Association’s webpage, the crab feed is the “biggest fundraiser to support Livermore High School.” Tickets to the event were 55 dollars per person. The crab feed included music, live auctions, a bar, and merchandise sales. The Livermore High Jazz Band even played a few songs for the guests.


When asked about the success of the Jazz Band’s performance, and the general atmosphere of the crab feed, member Eric Maravilla (grade 12) said, “I felt like the performance went very well. I think the alumni really liked the music we were playing and seemed to be grooving with us. The atmosphere was amazing as everyone seemed to be having a good time throughout the entire event.”

The purpose of this event is also in part to raise money in support of the LHSAA’s (Livermore High Alumni Association) goal to purchase 300 chromebooks for our school. According to The Independent, LHS has a ratio of 1 chromebook to every 16 students, while the LHSAA’s goal is to have a 1:2 ratio. Chromebooks are an essential part of our school, for many class tests, state tests, and assignments are online.

This year’s crab feed was also a pre-celebration of LHS’s 125th anniversary, and attendees had the option to purchase commemorative bricks or wine bottles from the LHSAA. The bricks, which can be custom engraved, are set to be placed at the front entrance of Livermore High on Maple Street. They range from $75-150 and are available for order until May 20. Overall, the event was a success and the Alumni Association plans to hold another one next year.

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