LHS Spring Talent Showcase Brings in New Performers

Mary Rosary Flauta | Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Livermore High School Spring Talent Showcase took place on April 24, 2017, in the LHS theater at 7:00 p.m.  There was an increase of new performers in comparison to last year in the newly

renamed event hosted by Drama Club.

Showcase has always been open to the whole school and often times, no new talents would come in. This year was different, as there were a few first timers to the event.

Cora Holt (grade 9) said that it had been her first time participating and she felt great after doing her performance. She had spent her spring break practicing her dance, half of which was choreographed by her.

(left to right) Eve Banas, Patrick Cuadro, Daniel Sherman, Maureen L’Eplattenier | Credit: Mary Rosary Flauta

Daniel Sherman (grade 11) and Patrick Cuadro (grade 11) participated for their first time in Showcase. Though Sherman said that this was not his first time playing music in front of an audience. He said that it was interesting because people had expected him to perform as he usually plays music in the streets. In the case of Cuadro, he also agreed that it felt great to perform.

According to Holt, Drama Club is “very welcoming.” They provided many different suggestions to keep her performance going smoothly.

Cuadro, Holt, and Sherman all agree that Showcase is a great medium for those who love to perform or show their talent. It is an open environment and they felt welcomed to participate.

Holt encouraged, “If you have something that you love to do and you want to show it to everyone, not to brag, but to entertain people, you should definitely do it.”

“If you got something, you want your voice to be heard, this is the place. I’d definitely want to do this again,” said Cuadro.

Sherman added, ”It’s a really cool opportunity, not only to be able to perform for your peers who might not even know what you’re passionate about, but it’s cool to see peers who are passionate about other things you didn’t know, so it’s been a lot of fun.”  

Header Credit: Mary Rosary Flauta

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