LHS Sees a Little Magic at the Fourth Greek Week Event

Cassidy Herberth | Staff Writer

Raina Jiang | Managing Editor

The fourth Greek Week game brought Livermore High School a little magic as the Greek Week teams played Quidditch in the science quad. Quidditch is a game that originated from the famous Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

Here at LHS we played a modified version of the game. Our Quidditch does not involve flying broomsticks and magical snitches and is instead played by seven members with designated positions: three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper, and one Seeker.

The Chaser’s job is to score the goals by throwing the Quaffle (volleyball) through the other team’s hoops. Beaters have to protect their team members from Bludgers (dodgeballs) and try to hit the the other team’s Chasers. The Keeper is the goalie of the three hoops and protects their teams hoops from the other team. Finally there is the Seeker, whose goal is to catch the Snitch, which results in an 150 points for their team when caught.

In the event, the juniors played the freshmen and the seniors played the sophomores.

During the freshman vs. junior game there were a few close shots deflected by both teams keepers. Once the Snitch was released, he led Devon Maheshwari (grade 9) and Cameron Johnston (grade 11) on a wild chase to track him down. Meanwhile the freshman and junior teams continued to battle it out on the Quidditch field. The time ran out, and neither team scored a goal or caught the Snitch resulting in a tie between the juniors and freshman.

The senior vs. sophomore game had very similar results to the one between the freshmen and juniors. There was a shot made by Dominic Foscalina (grade 12) that was not counted due to the broomstick not being between his legs. After the Snitch was released, Shasta Grant (grade 12) and Jared Persson (grade 10) chased the Snitch, but in the end came up dry. No points were scored in this game and the teams tied 0-0.

The final score of the match was a four way tie between all the classes.

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