LHS Leadership Puts on Annual Mr. Cowboy Show

Raina Jiang | Co-Editor in Chief

Friday night, Livermore High School crowned its long-anticipated 2016-2017 Mr. Cowboy, Truman Wayne (Mr. March). Wayne received the coveted “Mr. Cowboy” title and a free senior ball ticket as his prize. When asked about his victory, Wayne said, ““I am overjoyed. It was just an overall great experience with a great group of people and I don’t think it could have gone any better.”

The pageant consisted of four separate portions: walk-on, questions, swimsuits, and talent–all judged by teachers Dawn Matthews, Chad Harper, James Petersdorf, Renee Hennessy, and Tiara  Johnson.

Each of the twelve contestants were given free reign to select their own music and introduction as their name and month were announced to the audience. During the questionnaire, the boys were individually asked two questions at random that they had not rehearsed beforehand and had to answer on the spot.

Highlights included Noah Pettit’s describing himself using the three words “Cheese. Burger. Please,” and Alex Batson (Mr. September) responding that his favorite high school experience was coming out as gay. Emulating other beauty pageants, the Mr. Cowboy show also included a swimsuit portion, where the contestants performed short aquatic-related skits that included lifeguarding, a slip n’ slide, and surfboards.

At intermission, audience members were able to vote for crowd favorites. The winners for Mr. Congeniality, Mr. Comedy, and Mr. Sweetheart were Alex Batson (Mr. September), Truman Wayne (Mr. March), and Justin Beasley (Mr. June), respectively.

The entirety of the Mr. Cowboy show was planned and executed by the leadership class and the 12 contestants. Seniors Madison Gannon, Ariana Bunnell, and Taylor Peterson were the three who were primarily in charge of organizing the show. On how they prepared for the night of the show, ASB president Taylor Peterson said, “We’ve been practicing for a good three months now every Monday and Wednesday on the dance, and the boys have been practicing their talents on the side, working really really hard.”

When asked what the greatest difficulty was in preparing for the show, Peterson responded, “I think it was time because because some of the boys weren’t able to go to the practices on time and we had to backtrack a little bit, but in the end I think it all turned out pretty well.”

Leadership teacher Jeannette Garza also added, “The guys are all volunteering their time and are committed to sports, band, or drama, so it’s just a matter of managing all this time. Many leadership kids have also stepped up and committed themselves to the show as well.”

All photo credits: Bob Bronzan

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