LHS Grad Amanda Spooner Hits the Big Stage in the Big Apple

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Amanda Spooner is a graduate of the class of 2000 and currently lives in New York City where she is teaching Stage Management to undergraduate college students, rehearsing for her upcoming play Indecent, and developing a networking group for stage managers.

Alumni, Credit-Amanda Spooner
Credit: Amanda Spooner

Before Spooner was able to get to do all of those wonderful and exciting tasks, she was part of the drama program here at Livermore High School. She had been involved in the program for 4 years at LHS, but it wasn’t until her senior year that she was introduced to the role of Stage Manager. Spooner admitted, “I had never even heard of a Stage Manager.” But she was able to fill her role in the school’s production of Arcadia, and discovered her love for stage management. Spooner went from LHS to Las Positas up to San Francisco State University and finally Yale University, earning her Master’s Degree in Stage Management from the Yale School of Drama. She attributes her success in stage management to Mrs. Hovey, saying that “Hovey is the reason I am a stage manager today.”

Hovey may have introduced Spooner to the role of Stage Manager, but her Girl Scout troop can be credited for getting her involved in theatre when they saw 42nd Street at the Pleasanton Playhouse. Spooner said she “found a wig-pin in the parking lot and kept it– it was a token of how mesmerized [she] was by the show. After that, Spooner acted in all of her school plays, with the exception of Arcadia.

Off the LHS stage, Spooner was involved in volleyball, dance, and Homecoming activities for all four years. Her time was eventually taken up by theatre, but she still tried to participate in other school activities.

Homecoming seemed like a holiday to Spooner– all of the school spirit activities were like holidays. One of Spooner’s favorite memories, however, is when she tripped and fell in the quad during orientation her freshman year. She found it so embarrassing, but the girl who helped her up has been her friend ever since.

Hovey and Johnson were two of Spooner’s favorite teachers. She enjoyed reading The Grapes of Wrath in Johnson’s English class

Alumni, Credit-Ananda Spooner
Credit: Amanda Spooner

her junior year. The Joad’s story helped her to find her passion for storytelling and reading, and she is often rereading it while she is on the subway. Spooner is also the captain of a Full House trivia team and is obsessed with commercial aircraft and space shuttles.

Spooner is now in New York City, working on one of the latest productions she is in, Indecent, which will be performed at The Vineyard Theatre. She has been in a production of it before, at Yale Repertory Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse in late 2015. She will have to take a short break rather soon though, as she is eight months pregnant.

The final bow on Spooner’s last production will not be any time soon, but it did take a while for her to get to a place where she was part of something bigger, something she loves. For all of the students who are looking ahead and trying to figure out what to do, either with their classes next year or with any careers, Spooner encourages them to, “take a moment and breathe it all in.” There are many things that could be done, but first “try to see beyond the four years of high school…[and] cherish the moments as they fly past you.”

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