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Tina Asemi | Staff Writer

As senior year comes to an end, college begins right away. The majority of students are already stressed about high school, then college hits you like a bus. However, there are tips and strategies that allow you to get the most out of your college experience. Recently,  Sonoma State University sustained a diligent academic goal that initiates a consistent perspective on conducting a studious environment.

Livermore High School alumni, Natalie Asemi says, “I am currently a junior at Sonoma State University majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Sociology. I have been involved in a variety of organizations during my time at the university. From holding two positions in my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, as community service chair and ritual chair, to being apart of the Pre-Health Professions club and holding the position as administrator, in addition to being the Senator of Science and Technology and working in student government. I am very invested in my academics and my extracurricular. The organizations I have been involved with have played an integral role in my college experience. Joining a sorority helped me find a home away from home. I met all my best friends, got involved with my community and philanthropy, Autism Speaks. I’m lucky to be surrounded by supportive women who are so passionate about giving back to others and their academics. Some of my fondest memories thus far in college were at the events my sorority hosted.”

Credit: Sonoma State University

Natalie Asemi has contributed to many extracurricular activities that have benefited her career. Being involved in college activities is a simple idea to find new friends and guidance from others when you seek for assistance. Additionally, she has been apart of many contributions…”Aside from greek life, I have also been involved with the STEM department. I aspire to become a doctor one day so that is why the Pre-Health professions club captured my interest.”Being a part of the club opened so many doors for me and the knowledge and opportunities I have gained from the club have furthered me in preparing for my career. It’s wonderful being a part of a group of people who have the same values and aspirations as you,  because you can relate to the roller coaster ride you are all on.”

Clubs allow students to gain interest in their hobbies and success in their path, maintaining a better understanding in which assists your future. Also, I am currently the Senator of Science and Technology at my university. There are 14 different positions, three being on the executive board (President, VP of Finance, and VP) in addition to 11 other Senator positions that can range from Student Involvement Senator to being the Senator of a college on campus such as the Senator of the Business College and more. I ran for my position primarily due to the experience and challenges I faced within my major.”

LHS alumni has accomplished many achievements along her way and is seeking to support incoming freshman in college. Appealing aid from a local student can assist comfort and assurance for the next chapter of your life by maintaining an open mindset; and being aware of the struggles the challenge will be endeavored as. After the discussion of Asemi’s personal career, she offered to explain her simplistic strategies on transitioning to college. “The most easy way to transition is by focusing on your goal and establishing your priorities. You will look back and know high school is not even comparable to the amount of workload there is today. Find comforting friends, enjoy the experience, and always go over beyond to get to the point you want to be in life. Having too much stress will affect you, though sustain the main purpose of the opportunities and dedication you will seek.” Her growth in transition made her college experience worthwhile and actively efficient in determining her path for the long run. 

Credit: Tina Asemi

During my college tour at Sonoma State, I had the opportunity to ask questions to one of the many seniors attending the university about their experience and transitioning process as well. Allison Mundee is a communications major who adores her school and loves pets. “The first year of college is very worrisome, you don’t know anyone, you’re independent in a place you’re not used to. However, it is an unforgettable experience that you will always cherish.”

Students major issues on entering college is holding fear and anxiety on knowing what will enhance in the future. New year, new people, all are factors of the transitioning process to college. I had the opportunity to interview the President of Sonoma State University, “Students in Sonoma State are all bright and well minded young adults that will face ups and downs along the way, though the memories and the community here is what changes the whole mindset in a better sense. Friends and professors attending the school create favorable circumstances that contribute to improving each individual’s prosperity.” 

High school is the end of an era that we will never forget. Growing up with most of the students surrounding you and sharing memories with your classmates make these four years special. College should be the same feeling, no matter where you are, the experience is what you make of it.

Header Credit: Tina Asemi



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