Let Technology Advance, But Don’t Let Children Advance Their Age

Fatima Mendez | Vida Vaquera Editor

We’ve seen a cultural change within children and pre-teens, but is this a good evolution?

In the late 1990s to early 2000s, it was common to see kids playing in the playground watching family-friendly shows such as Boy Meets World, Scooby-Doo, Pokemon, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, or the Grim Adventures with Billy and Mandy, but now you’ll usually see kids on their phones using social media. I’m talking about kids from ages 8-15.

These days more children and pre-teens are more invested in social media, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. There’s nothing bad with being on social media, you just have to be smart with it.

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I’m all for interacting with new people on social media and it’s amazing to see that technology is advancing, but I don’t think children should prematurely advance in terms of their age.

We’ve seen boys and girls looking older than they really are, but should we put all the blame on social media? Social media Influencers, who have a huge following on social media and can make a brand for themselves.

Such as Danielle Bregoli the “Cash me Outside” girl. This girl, who promotes fighting, disrespecting your parents, and dropping out of school, has gained millions of followers on Instagram after appearing on the Dr. Phil Show. She has also gained millions dollars by using her famous her catch phrase “Cash me Outsside howbow dah” and she’s only 14.

Not only is Bregoli a big social media influence, but also Malu Trevejo, a 13 year old girl who’s famous because of her exotic musical videos and Cuban accent, but  is mostly famous for her Shakira dance moves. When I first saw her videos I thought she was 17 or 18, but I was wrong.

Should boys and girls expose themselves like this? From an old-school perspective, no, I think they shouldn’t because there’s a lot of creepy people on the internet and everyone should have a level of self-respect.   

Of course there’s a lot of positive social media influencers such as KingBach, Lele Pons, Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, Liza Koshy, SuperWoman, Shane Dawson, and Rosanna Pansino.

I think boys, girls, and parents should know the pros and cons of the internet and how to protect against  predators.

As far as clothing, I don’t think kids should be looking older than their real age. Let kids be kids and let kids look like kids.

However, I can’t put all the blame on social media or on the children. We learn our beliefs, morals, and our attitudes by what we see at home. Parents can take control of what their children does, but the question is when are they going to care?

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