Greek Week Teams Dive into the Third Event

Raina Jiang | Managing Editor

Cassidy Herberth | Staff Writer

The third Greek Week event of this year went off with a splash as the four classes prepared for the first and only 2016 aquatic event. This event was also relay-style and began with participants diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a water bottle from the deep end.

As soon as the diver placed the water bottle on the pool edge, the other team members were able to begin melting the frozen t-shirt and place the inflatable duck into the water. The duck riders then got onto the duck and were pulled to the other side of the pool where swimmers could begin putting on the frozen t-shirts. Once the swimmers returned to the other side of the pool, the water balloon throwers in the last leg of the relay race had to make three baskets to win.

When asked who they predict the winner of Greek Week will be, Mrs. Scudder said, “I don’t know who will win. My guess is the seniors because of the intensity they bring.”

Greek Week Captain for the senior class, Kajol Maheshwari, also responded “Oh, definitely the seniors. There is no doubt in my mind.”

Seniors gained almost a pool-length lead during the inflatable duck portion followed by the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who were tied. Later, the juniors pulled ahead of the sophomores and freshmen during the t-shirt and swimming leg to join the seniors during the water-balloon toss.

The winner for this event was not announced until Thursday morning because there was controversy over rules broken during the event. The juniors were deducted 2 points for rules broken during the race. Placement of the teams for this event are as follow:

  1. Juniors
  2. Seniors
  3. Sophomores
  4. Freshmen

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