Greek Week Kickoff

Raina Jiang | Managing Editor

For months, Livermore High School has been preparing for the heavily anticipated Greek Week. So without further ado, here is the schedule for the ultimate battle of the classes.


Freshmen: Anneliese Widmann and Luke Foscalina
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Sophomores: Ryan Brandt and Malia Miller

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Juniors: Luisangel Ortiz and Jasleen Randhawa

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Seniors: Kajol Maheshwari and Francis DiPeso

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Greek Week Schedule:


Spirit Day: Out in the Wild Day

Event: Blind vs. Balloon (football field at lunch)

The Greek Week festivities kicks off Monday on the football field with the Blind vs. Balloon obstacle course. Teamwork and communication are key in this event, where members must guide each other through a maze blindfolded to find balloons. The balloons are then delivered back to designated balloon blowers who will inflate them before they are popped by the poppers. The first to team to pop all their balloons claims victory.


Spirit Day: Workout Day

Event: Bouncy Obstacle (football field at lunch)

In Tuesday’s event, six competitors per team will each run through an inflatable obstacle course and grab an item to wear while they run to tag their teammate. The first relay team with all 6 contestants sitting and wearing their items is the winning team.


Spirit Day: Beach Day

Event: Pool Activity (pool at lunch)

Wednesday’s aquatic-themed event consists of a pool relay where competitors will collect water bottles and frozen t-shirts at the bottom of the pool before sending someone to ride an inflatable duck across the pool. Once the duck rider reaches the opposite end of the pool the person wearing the thawed t-shirt will signal water balloon throwers to make three baskets in order to win


Spirit Day: Harry Potter Day

Event: Muggle Quidditch (science quad at lunch)

The widely anticipated Quidditch matches between the classes will take place on Thursday. Just like in the Harry Potter novels, there will be Chasers, Beaters, Keepers, and Seeker playing on opposing teams. The Chasers will try to score goals by throwing the Quaffle through elevated hoops whilst avoiding Bludgers. If Chasers are hit by a Bludger they lose possession of the Quaffle. Beaters on either team are responsible for protecting their team members from and hitting opposing team members with the Bludger. Last but not least, the Seekers on either team will chase after the Golden Snitch to score 150 points for their team.


Spirit Day: Toga Day

Event: Pep Rally (field)

According to the Greek Week handbook put together by Leadership, Friday’s rally events have not yet been announced.

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