Seniors Win Greek Week 2017

Garrett Almeida | Co Editor-in-Chief

Monday, May 24, saw the start of the annual Greek Week games. The games kicked off with a game of Bubble Soccer, a pretty self explanatory game of soccer, but with all the players in giant balls that encompass most of the players’ body except their legs and look like bubbles.

Mesarchik (in bubble) being attended to

The first game was between the Junior class and the Freshman class. The Juniors won 2-1. Next up where the Seniors and Sophomores. The Seniors would win it off a goal by Anthony Kumar (12). In the closing seconds of the game, a hit by Kumar on Dylan Mesarchik (10) left Mesarchik on the ground. The rest of the games were canceled as an ambulance was called. The injury is expected to be healed in two weeks.

There is no word yet on how the points for the event will be distributed, however according to multiple leadership members, the Seniors will be deducted points for the incident. Kumar has been told that he will face disciplinary action for the hit, either in the form of suspension from school or detention.

Day two of Greek Week was Salute to Service Day and the game was an inflatable obstacle course relay race. Team members had to race through an inflatable obstacle course, put on a piece of clothing and run back to the beginning and tag the next member of their team.  In the first round, the Seniors took on the Freshmen, with the Seniors coming out on top. The Juniors raced the Sophomores in their first round matchup. The Juniors won, setting up a Seniors vs. Juniors race for first place.

The Seniors would finish the last race in under two minutes and with a comfortable lead over the Juniors. The Sophomores and Freshman raced to decide third and fourth place. Freshman would take third and the Sophomores fourth.

Standings after Tuesday’s game:

Seniors – 37

Juniors – 25

Sophomores – 10

Freshman – 13

The third day of Greek Week was Surfin’ USA day and the event to go with that theme was a race in the pool. The first member of each team had to put on a T-shirt and and swim across. Once they reached the other side of the pool, they had to throw a pool noodle through a hula hoop. They then had to sit on an inflatable duck and get pulled back across the pool by two teammates. Once on the other side, they had to put the shirt onto another teammate. Then that team member got onto the duck and got pulled across. For the final step, they had to hula hoop for 3 revolutions. All the teams raced at the same time.

The Sophomores and Seniors finished the first leg neck and neck. The Seniors came out to a commanding lead after the Sophomores fell off their duck. The Seniors kept this lead for the rest of the race. The Juniors had a very rough time trying to get on their duck and it would ultimately make them come in last. The Sophomores finished in second and Freshman took fourth.

The Standings after Wednesday’s event:

Seniors – 57

Juniors – 30

Sophomores – 24

Freshman – 21

The fourth day of Greek Week had each class face off in a game of everyone’s favorite fictional sport, Quidditch, to celebrate Harry Potter day. The first match was between the Sophomores and Juniors. No goals were scored, but the Juniors caught the golden snitch to win their first round matchup. Next up were the Freshmen and Seniors. Anthony Kumar (grade 12) scored a goal for 10 points, but the Freshmen won by catching the snitch. The Juniors and Freshman faced off in the last game of the day to decide the victor of the event. Again, no goals were scored, but the Freshmen caught the snitch, clinching first place in the event.

Standings after Day 4:

Seniors – 60

Juniors – 47

Sophomores – 29

Freshmen – 38

For the finale of Greek Week 2017, teams raced each other in a relay race filled with obstacles. First, one member had to spin around in a circle, making him or her dizzy, and then shoot a goal with a soccer ball. Then three team members strapped onto one set of skis had to walk 10 yards. After that, another team member had to bounce 10 yards across the football field on a large exercise ball. Two team members with one of each of their legs tied together had to walk 10 yards next. Then two more members had to duck under and jump over two rotating bars. After that, one member had to race across three giant balls without falling off. Next, there was a 4×100 relay on the track, with each race putting on a giant bubble to run in and passing it on to the next racer, like a baton. Once the lap was completed, teams had to push one member across a Slip ‘N Slide before dumping a jug of water on his or her head. Finally, four team members grabbed six pool noodles that were duct taped together and handed them to the members of their class in the stands. The spectators then had to push the noodles to the top of the bleachers and bring them down before the team members grabbed the noodles back and put it down, and then run to the finish mat.

The Sophomores came out with a strong start and held 1st place for the first four obstacles. The Seniors struggled with the first obstacle and would be the last to finish the three legged race. The rotating bars slowed all the teams up and allowed the Seniors to make up valuable ground and the Juniors to overtake the Sophomores. The Juniors held first until the Seniors caught up and took the lead. The Seniors would hold onto first place until the pool noodle challenge. The Seniors had pushed the noodle to the top and back and reached the finish mat first, when they were told that the noodles did not reach the top of the bleachers. The Seniors had to repeat the last event, which allowed the Juniors to finish in first. The Seniors would take second, Sophomores third and Freshmen fourth.

With everything tallied, the Freshmen would finish last in Greek Week 2017 with -10 points. The Sophomores took third with 36, the Juniors second with 67, and by a margin of only three points, the Seniors are the Champions of Greek Week 2017.

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