Freshman Class 2021 Overloads Campus

Adelynn Graycar | Staff Writer

With this year’s class of 2021 being the largest class in over 16 years, with more than 500 freshmen, we begin to ask ourselves, “Does size really matter?”. How is our school really managing with the influx of students? Are all students getting everything they should be out of their high school experience?

According to Brian Poynter, Social Science and Freshman In Transition (F.I.T.) teacher, “It wouldn’t be any different than any other class. To other teachers on campus, it would be helping students in their next phase of life. That’s not a challenge or concern for me. High school is all about change and growth.”

With this change, there have been lots of concerns, as well as ideas for expansion, about the campus, such as bigger classrooms, or even more classrooms.

Credit: Adelynn Graycar

“It would take almost the whole year to get new portables. Granada High School waited until the middle of the year to get new portables and they didn’t receive them until the summer,” Poynter stated.

Some may wonder how other classes view the sudden inundation of freshmen. Vicente Ibarra (grade 10) states, “It’s not a big concern to me because I’m not the one to worry about schedules, and finding space for more students in my classroom. My concern is more on the teachers on the rest of the staff because of how stressful it might be to deal with all the extra students.”

Upon being asked what he wished he heard when he was a freshman, Vicente replied with, “I would say don’t be afraid to ask questions in class. Honestly a lot of the students in math classes barely know what’s going on. Don’t goof off, ask questions don’t be shy. You never know when someone has the same question. If someone says you’re a punk for asking just reply with, ‘Hey I just want to get somewhere in life I want to be successful my goal is to go up not to put my life to waste.’”

School sports are especially important to the students of LHS. There is a completely different team just for freshmen. Usually you are guaranteed a spot on the football team if you are a freshman, although only 30 freshmen can be on a team. Thirty five students tried out.

Dylan Prusso (grade 9) stated, “Tryouts were anything but packed. We just kind of started practice and anyone who wanted to play, played. Being on the team is great. The coaches are outstanding and high school football is just too much fun!” So, evidently, there wasn’t many cuts on the team this year.Looks like size doesn’t really matter. Neither teachers nor students seem to be phased by how large the class of 2021 is It’s very welcoming for the class to have teachers and students with such open arms.

Header Credit: Adelynn Graycar

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