First Dance Performance of the Year

Julissa Zaragoza | Staff Writer 

Our Livermore High School dance team put on a good performance at the Livermore High School vs Kimball football game. It was very entertaining, keeping people on the edge of their seats. They performed around 4:30 p.m. at the JV game and again at 7:30 p.m. for the Varsity game. There 21 girls on the dance team. Gabriela Correa (grade 12), Melia Miller (grade 12), and Stephanie Wilkinson (grade 12), captains of the dance team, said, “They were not nervous at all [and] were there to bring it there all.” They also said that “they treat each other like family.”

Sandhya Murugavel (grade 10), being a new member of the dance team at LHS, said that she was very excited and also had fun performing with her team.

Correa was not nervous, but felt more jittery and excited. She loves to perform at the football games. What surprised her the most about the dance was how well the choreography looked while being performed.

Credit: Bob Bronzan

Wilkinson said she wasn’t nervous, but it did feel bittersweet, as it was her last dance at a game. She was very excited and very proud of the new dancers because they did well in their first performance. Wilkinson said about performing, There’s no other feeling like it.”

Jordyn Wardlaw (grade 10), was in the audience and said the most interesting part of the dance was when they transitioned from the first song to the second, describing it as being “pretty cool.” 

She continued, “It seems that both the performers and the audience enjoyed seeing the dance team support our football [team].”

Header Credit: Bob Bronzan


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