First 100 Days Reveals the Real Donald Trump

Maya Brunell | Opinions Editor

April 29, 2017, marked the 100th day of the Trump administration. These 100 days have brought surprising changes, and have exposed who our president really is.


One of these surprises came as a statement made by Donald Trump where he said that he thought the presidency was going to be easier than it is. I mean, come on. Being the president of the United States isn’t quite like any other job. The president is the leader of this country and has to make some of the toughest decisions that a person could make.

Following that statement, Trump also said that it was harder to pass bills through Congress than he expected. Trump framed himself as the “man of the deal.” He promised that he could pass bills faster than any other president because of his business experience. This is the road block I thought Trump would run into. Despite his belief, running the country is not the same as running a business.

Another surprise came when he tried to repeal Obamacare, and the immense public protest against his actions. Barack Obama, our last president, put into place many things, including affordable health care. Now, Americans are protesting all around the country about Trump’s effort to repeal it.


This brings up another important point. So many Americans who voted for Trump are dissatisfied with his unkept promises and plans that break down their small town homes.

The real Donald Trump has come out during these past 100 days. What’s really going on in his mind has shown itself, and frankly, I think Trump has bit off more than he can chew. Trump is a businessman that lives in the one percent, not the White House.

As a president and leader of a great democracy, one needs to know their people, and Trump only knows his mansion in Mar-A-Lago and his skyscraping Trump Tower. Everything Trump has done in Washington has been insensitive to the people. They’re protesting, and they’re protesting for a reason.

Mr. President, the United States of America is not a business, and it’s actually unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. This great nation deserves a great leader that will listen to their calls for affordable healthcare and a leader who will act upon their calls.

America has seen who Trump is. But has he?  

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