Even a Beast Has Someone to Call Princess

Fatima Mendez | Vida Vaquera Editor

Beauty and the Beast is a story that you must have read or watched when you were a child. Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films turn this animated classic into a live action version.

Beauty and the Beast is a love story, not only within Belle and the Beast, but within Belle and her father, the servants and their master, and many more. You learn the importance of loving someone based on what’s on the inside and not by appearance.

Credit: Disney

Emma Watson did an amazing job as playing Belle. She showed all characteristics that Belle possesses: love, confidence, and fearlessness. Dan Stevens, who played as the Beast, was spectacular; he took the beast that was in him and showed it to the world to see.

Luke Evans, who played as Gaston, did an amazing job, I loved his performance, he really did bring his character to life. Lastly, let’s talk about Kevin Kline who played as Maurice, Belle’s dad. I loved this relationship as he did a great job of showing a love for a daughter. This relationship was my favorite because so many people can relate a love for a child or a love for a parent.

The singing was enjoyable. It’s reminiscent of Frozen. Every time you hear a Frozen song, such as “Do you want to Build a Snowman?,” you already know the lyrics and can sing along. The same applies to Beauty and the Beast. You want to sing along to the music and the music created a very emotional atmosphere when it came to Belle’s and the Beast first dance.

I loved the Beast’s costume. It really looked liked they pulled it out of the original movie. But I was a little disappointed in Belle’s main dress. I expected it to be bigger and I didn’t see the cowl part of the dress. I just expected more from it. However, the dress did look beautiful on Belle and it looked marvelous when she danced with the Beast. When it came to costumes overall, I loved it. I saw they added detailing to all the costumes including the mens’ costumes.

I loved Beauty and the Beast; I give it 5 stars. The live action version gave me more an idea on what the movie is really about, that there’s more meaning behind the story. The animated version just told the love story of Belle and the Beast, but the live action version showed more love stories with other people. But if you want to know what movie to watch first, I would say the animated movie first. The animated version tells the story how it is, the live-action version goes more in depth.

This movie was based around the theme of loving someone for who one is, not for money or appearance.This movie teaches you that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

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