Editorial: Teenagers’ Carefree Nature Makes their Relationships Easier to Manage

Estefania Perez Medina | Opinions Editor

Valentine’s Day has passed, and couples of all types, shapes, races, and ages have celebrated that day with fancy dinners, cute lunch dates, movie nights in, and various other ways of showing appreciation for their significant other. But the question remains: which relationship really works the best? High school relationships are similar to yet vastly different from, adult relationships, which is a good thing in its own way. One type of relationship seems to function better than the other.

As a teenager most seem to believe it will not last long, but what would make two strangers who just barely meet to have a better long lasting relationship then two teenagers who have most likely had the same classes up to high school? Well, for one thing it is the maturity of the people in relationships. People tend to believe that teenagers do not truly know what they want, or who they want, because they are too young and have not experienced much. Which I do believe, but there are people who get married that have been together since high school.

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So it is not completely the thought process that defines whether the relationship will last, it is the things they do and experience together that can make or break the relationship, whether you’re an adult or a teenager.

First of all, in high school relationships, you can meet someone through friends, and while that may happen as an adult, in adult relationships you tend to meet people on the street or on dating apps. Once you meet someone you feel you may start to have feelings for, adults tend to ask one another on a date. Teenage dates and adult dates can be similar, as in going to a coffee shop to talk and get to know one another, but they can also be very different. Adults go on more expensive dates, most likely because they already have a career, where the guy tends to pay for the entire meal. On teenage dates, the dates are not as extravagant and most likely the check is split because teenagers either have a part time job, or ask their parents for money because they have no job.

Once the relationship is official, the next step is to hang out more often, especially with the others friend group. When you’re an adult, according to every romantic movie I have ever watched, the girl, or guy, takes their significant other to some group outing and they meet and talk and get to know one another. They are meeting a completely new stranger that is dating their friend. Most of the time, in high school, the friend groups already know of one another, which could be the reason why they even met in the first place. It is not as awkward, as a teenager, to meet your date’s friends, because it is most likely that you already know them from a class you have or even elementary school. The only reason to meet and hang out with the others friend group, as a teenager, would be to say ‘We are dating now,’ not to say “This is the new girl or guy I have been talking to you about’ like in adult relationships.

Once you have met the friends, the next step in relationships is meeting the family. This is a very important step in the relationship. If things are getting serious, meeting the family would be the best choice. When it is an adult relationship meetings are more formal, mostly because you want to show that you are good enough to be dating their son or daughter. When teenagers meet the others parents, it is more informal, possibly a firm handshake from the father, and not very much conversation, unless the family already knows that person because they were friends growing up.

It’s better as a teenager when you meet the family because it is not as serious as when you grow up. And if the relationship lasts there is no awkward first formal meeting and you would already know how you feel towards your significant other’s parents and what they feel towards you.

Being a teenager who is dating has a great advantage. A great thing about being in a relationship as a teenager in high school, are all the school dances you get to attend. That time of the year where guys come up with cute ways to ask their girlfriend or boyfriend to a school dance. It is the one day where you can dance with the one you’re with and get to flaunt it to the entire school by the matching outfits and the corsages used during this time. You have no opportunities like this once you grow up unless you go to a fancy party.

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The scary thing about being in a relationship is moving forward, and even with, your significant other. As an adult, when one is forced to move away because of better job opportunities, the other must figure out if they will move too. This is a big step that can make or break your relationship. If you move you must find a new job and leave all your friends and family, bu tif you do not you may break up, long distance relationships rarely last.

When teenagers finish high school they go through the same thing, but being a teenager does not make the move that difficult. You already have to plan to move away for college, so all you have to do is try finding colleges you would both like to go to and just hope you get together. If one decides to stay or neither gets into the same college, then they most likely will break up.

I feel like it is better as a teenager in this situation because you already know, if you plan to go to college, that you have to leave your family and your friends. Having someone who you have history with and maybe even love, would make the fearful move away from home that much more simple to handle.

As a teenager, relationships are not as difficult as adult relationships, but they mean the same and, if anything, can be managed better than adult relationships.

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