Editorial: Staying Home is the Best Way to Watch a Movie

Estefania Perez Medina | Opinions Editor

Everyone loves watching movies, probably because there are so many different types of movies, so anyone can find at least one movie they adore. But what do people prefer, going out to watch a movie or staying at home?

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Over one million tickets were sold in 2016, according to the-numbers.com. Americans spend a lot of money to go watch a movie for a one-time use only. It becomes even more expensive when a group of two or more go to the movies, costing about seven to 10 dollars per person. It costs less, in the long run, for the average American to buy a movie in DVD form and watch them at home. Instead of all your friends paying for tickets, that money can go towards some pizzas you can all buy, or some snacks you can all share, which will cost less than at the movies. Have a movie night in with all your friends instead.

And if you were planning to go alone to the movies, you could just get a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, or any other site where you can watch an unlimited amount of movies per month for the price of a movie ticket a month.

When you go to the movies, and people get hungry, they tend to buy the popcorn or other snacks available there, for extremely expensive prices, since you cannot bring outside food or drinks unless you smuggle it in. If you watch a movie at home, you can eat whatever you want.

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It is better, in my opinion, to watch movies at home, and preferably alone. You do not have to hear anyone else’s obnoxious eating noises, or hear a random crying baby, or even see the light of a phone screen. You also have all the control over what the volume is so it is not obnoxiously loud, and you can pause any time so that you do not miss out on any scene.

The only time I would recommend going to the movies is if you’re going to the movies with beds for seats. You get the comfort of a bed, laying with friends or that special someone, so not only are you very comfortable, you also get the giant screen. That or drive-in theaters, which there are still a few around the U.S. Regardless, movies are better watched in the comfort of your home.

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