Cowboys’ Infield Pitches Their Way to College

 Ciara Adams | Staff Writer

Nov. 16th marked the day in which four Livermore High athletes from the Baseball and Softball program signed National Letters of Intent to receive scholarships to play at their signed college.

A National Letter of Intent is a contract directly between the student-athlete and the athletic department in colleges. By signing, the athlete is committing to the offered spot in the school’s sports program for which they are being extended. Once the document has been signed, the recruit is committed to participating in the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This binding agreement ensures that one is to attend the school that they signed with for a year, it also helps support the student while offering athletic financial aid.

Verbally, the contract is normally drawn up ahead of time, but seniors aren’t permitted to sign with colleges until their senior year.

San Jose State University, Dominican University of California, Embry-Riddle University, and Oregon State were the four colleges that drafted grade 12 students, Clayton Westrope, Alyssa Ramirez, Mikendra Kramar, and Missy Nunes,respectively, to join their Baseball and Softball programs.

Clayton Westrope PC: Bob Bronzan

David Perotti, who has coached the Varsity Baseball team at LHS for 16 years, coached Westrope for the past two seasons. “Honestly, he is a self-made man,” said Perotti about Westrope. “I don’t know if we did much to help him other than giving him the opportunity to play, he just competes and is really good.”

Westrope is mainly a pitcher, but plays first base occasionally. This upcoming season, Westrope will also be hitting for himself more often than not. Between the mound, the bag, and the box, it’s expected that his perseverance will shine, as he starts the journey to be a San Jose Spartan.

Lady Cowboys Varsity Softball also signed three seniors to colleges that were ranked highly in their athletic division. Ramirez and Kramar signed to Division 2 colleges while Nunes aims at attending a D1 college ranked 10th by performance.

Alyssa Ramirez Credit: Bob Bronzan

Ramirez who intends to attend the Dominican University of California plays third base and hits third in the batting order. Typically the third hitter has the best “all-around” batting on the team. The four year Varsity player has “tremendous skill, and we are so lucky to have her,” said Coach Toff Garcia. “I’ll be majoring in nursing, so I’d really like to have a nursing career,” said Ramirez. She will be coached by Tori Nyberg who is a former pitcher for Stanford and has set multiple Records at college level.

Outfielder turn Second basemen Kramar validated her placement in the roster for her first choice, Embry-Riddle after two months. “Her first couple of years she played outfield, but we moved her into infield last season,” said Garcia, “She volunteered to move in, which I didn’t really like because I’m the outfield coach. But she does everything very well and is good enough to play both in[field] and out[field].” Kramar has played softball throughout high school, along with being in the area leagues for most of her childhood leading up to this. Kramar plans to major in Global Security and Intelligence, and signed to Embry-Riddle, mainly because it’s one of the only colleges supplying this major.

Mikendra Kramar Credit: Bob Bronzan

The Oregon State Beavers, ranked 10th in the collegiate Division 1 women’s softball, is expecting a new player in the fall. Missy Nunes, a catcher pursuing first base, has eagerly committed to OSU after a year of verbal commitment to fulfill her hopes of pursuing a career in Kinesiology. “I had a few other options but I really liked their campus and coaches. They also have a really good program for my major,” said Nunes. “Missy has been our catcher for the past two years, one of the best catchers in all of Northern California,” said Garcia “Although Oregon wants her at first base; I’d be curious to see what kind of catcher they have because Missy is the best I’ve seen hands down, it’s mind boggling.”

Missy Nunes Credit: Bob Bronzan

The Livermore High Cowboys are expected to put on a great season in both baseball and softball, as they prepare to run the field for other schools in the fall.

Header Image Credit: Bob Bronzan

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