Class of 2018’s Big Dance

Fatima Mendez | Vida Vaquera Editor

Junior Prom is the one important thing that many juniors look forward to. April 29th was the big day for the juniors.
The dance took place at a venue that had a beautiful view of the Berkeley Marina. Juniors patiently waited outside and took advantage of the view to take pictures.

It was 7 p.m. when they opened the doors and began to check all the juniors and their guests. As you got in, you could choose your table and chat with friends.

Then you can serve yourself food. They had a chocolate fountain, strawberries, Rice Krispies, and other goods. Many attendees only obtained beverages and then began dancing.

The D.J was widely approved of, but the music did stop a few times due to technical difficulties. It was later fixed.

As the juniors and their dates danced their night away, 10:30 p.m. struck and it was time to head home. For most, the night wasn’t over. There was an after party in San Francisco that many attended.

Thanks to the leadership class and our chaperons, junior prom was a success.

All photo credits: Fatima Mendez

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