City Growth Leads to Increase in Livermore High School Students

Patrick Connolly  | Staff Writer

Riley Johanson  | Opinions Section Editor

This year, it seems that all Livermore High School students hear about is the increase in student population and the largest freshman class at LHS in several years. Rumors have surfaced regarding why such an increase has occurred. Many speculated that the rise in enrollments was due to the closing of Livermore Valley Charter School, but the only way to find the real answers is by talking to the person who would know the facts.   

Vicki Scudder, the principal of LHS, quickly shut down the theory that the increase in enrollment is due primarily to kids coming from the charter schools. “Since August first–I went back and looked at our enrollment binders–we have received a total of 44 new students. That’s it, 44. Five from the charter.”  

Credit: Riley Johanson

Although the increase in students is not huge, people have still noticed. Emma Godinez (grade 9) said, “It definitely feels like there’s a lot of people here. Like when you walk to one of your classes there’s people bumping into you on accident and stuff. Since this is my first year here I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but there’s definitely a lot of students.”

Another student, Austin Weinshelbaum (grade 10), explained, “Studying in a quiet area is now much harder to do with students in every corner of the room.”

Scudder thinks this is quite normal, though, stating, “I mean, we notice. We notice the difference. We notice the difference in the quad, we notice the difference in terms of the way the population at lunch and before and after school is spread out, but it’s nothing significant yet.”

Explaining the situation further, Scudder said, “We’re kind of interesting because LHS is a school that’s sitting in a neighborhood,and yet as more students come from other areas or transfer into us, obviously that’s going to affect us.”

There has been a very noticeable expansion of residential buildings throughout Livermore as well, and the population of the city itself has been steadily increasing over the last few years. The population of all of the schools within the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District have been expanding. LHS is not alone.

As a result of this increase in students, projects have already been drawn up to put new classrooms where the gym and pool are currently located. Scudder thinks the school is going to see a “bubble in enrollment” with a rapid increase over the next couple years, and then a steady decline. Right now there are about 1,957 students, and according to Scudder, “Within the next year or so the projection is somewhere between 2,100 and 2,200.”

Header Credit: Riley Johanson

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