A Restricted Picnic

Fatima Mendez| El Verdad Section Editor

On September 15, 2017, all Seniors came together for a picnic at Bollinger Canyon in San Ramon Valley. The whole purpose of the Picnic was to get the Seniors together so that they could have fun and interact at the cost of $90 without ASB or $85 with ASB.

The area was beautiful, and it had lots of space. We had no service, which I enjoyed because people were actually talking rather than using their phone.

We got there and the DJ and the manager told us what activities they had in store for us. There was a swimming pool (which no one swam in because it was freezing), they had a huge field that people could play soccer or football on, and there was also a basketball and volleyball court and a ping pong table.

Later we gathered up to participate in the dunk tank, a lot of us just watched and laughed as people were getting dunked into the water. They also had a booth where people could get henna done.

We had a DJ who was also in charge of the activities, but unfortunately, he was a little rude. He treated everyone like little kids, there’s too many rules for the games.

A lot of us were hungry and had to wait about 3-4 hours for lunch, but they did had snacks for us, popcorn and ice cream. We were only allowed one ice cream, and although other snacks were available we had to pay for them. A lot of us did not bring our wallets and it’s ridiculous we had to pay because we had already paid $90 or $85 to attend the picnic itself.

They had big hike trails that we couldn’t pass, it was tempting. About 3-4 hours after our arrival we were able to get our food. A lot of students complained that the chef was rude and the burgers were not good, but I thought the

The entrance and the Snack Area
Pic Creds: Fatima Mendez

hot dogs were good.

Our last activity was a water balloon fight.  They put the boys on one side, and the girls on the opposite side. It took about 10 minutes to start the activity because the manager was trying to get everyone under control, but honestly you can’t really control seniors.

The activity started and everyone got wet, and somehow people got dirt on themselves. Afterwards Mr. Castro gathered all of us and and lined us up to make the number eighteen and take our class picture. Than It was time to go home.

Many students just stayed home and did their own activities such as go to the beach or have their own picnics with their friends and family. The picnic was not worth the money. We could’ve gone to a close park and have an actual picnic where everyone could’ve interacted. If you’re a Senior and you missed the picnic, wait until our next rally and you’ll forget all about the picnic because at rallies and games is where all the interaction happen.


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