A New App Is Sweeping The Halls Of LHS

Estefania Perez Medina | Tech Time Editor


Credit: itunes.apple.com
Credit: itunes.apple.com

At Livermore High School, Down To Lunch (DTL), a popular new app, is gaining popularity. DTL was created by Joseph Lau and Nikil Viswanathan. The app’s purpose is to provide an  easier way to invite friends out to lunch. You can use this app for any time of the day and anywhere you want.

Lau and Viswanathan created DTL to “reconnect with our friends from college who were living across San Francisco,” Viswanathan said to Alex Vandel Heuvel for The Red and Black digital newspaper.

According to Apple’s App Store under the app’s description, DTL is “used by thousands of college students at Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Yale, MIT, Princeton, USC and colleges.”

After I downloaded the app, I synced it with my contact list. You then have the option to send out an invitation to others to get the app. This shortens the time it takes to not only plan an event, but to get in contact with friends. Instead of having to personally text your friends individually to see who is available, you can just send a group invitation and see who accepts.

Many students at LHS have recently started to download this app. Some, like Rachel Foley (grade 11) has only downloaded it because she received a random invite her friend, however she has not had any notifications from other friends who use the app. Foley says that all of her friends have DTL but none of them really use it.

Credit: Estefania Perez Medina
Credit: Estefania Perez Medina

Teddy Padilla (grade 10) has the DTL app and frequently gets notifications from his friends who use the app. The DTL app seems “kinda creepy. Anyone can know where you’re at?” says Padilla. He said that it makes him feel weird knowing where everyone is, and that he has never accepted an invitation to hang out because he is not sure if the invitation was meant for him specifically.

Some students, though, have come to use this app in their everyday life. Alexandra Kerin (grade 11) has used the app ever since she first got it. So far she has used it only a few times with her friends to hang out. Kerin also really likes that she can change the “Anywhere” option to something as simple as “The Place.”

Not everyone who has the app cares for it. Jordan Brewer (grade 12) thinks that the app is unusual and weird and would never personally use it. He only downloaded it because a close friend had the app so he felt obligated to try it.

“I would never use the app, but it seems convenient for other people if that’s just how you roll.” said Brewer.

If you have the app tell us what you think about it.  Do you think it’s useful or not? Take our poll.

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